With the FxPlus platform and our Digigold strategy, you are able to invest periodically in digital gold in an automated manner. This way, you will replicate the price movements of gold in your own account while smoothing out fluctuations.

A cautious and methodical strategy

Select the DigiGold-1 strategy, choose the amount of your monthly payment, click OK, and you’re all set. Each month, the chosen amount will increase your position size on the Gold CFD. This effectively becomes a periodic investment in gold for you… without physically holding it.

A real-time flexibility

The FxPlus solution includes a dashboard from which you will have complete control over your account and be able to adjust your settings with just one click.

Strong and reliable partners

One of the most important factors to consider when investing in a paper asset is the choice of counterparty. Our partner represent the best in online banking, combining Swiss banking tradition with the highest technological standards.

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The information contained on this website is not an invitation to invest in gold or gold contracts. Any investment decision should be made taking into account your knowledge and personal situation. Securor provides no guarantees regarding the future returns of the mentioned products. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of finance and investments, please discuss it with your financial advisor.