At Securor, we are convinced of at least two things :

There are still safe and timeless assets in this rapidly changing world, and gold is more a part of it than ever before.

[the forecasts for the future evolution of the gold price are overwhelmingly optimistic]

Dollar-cost averaging, or periodic investment, is considered the most effective long-term strategy

[if you have the necessary funds and it suits your preference, you can also choose to invest a lump sum amount at once

Based on these two convictions, our offer can be summarized as follows

Investing in gold regularly over time while maintaining complete control. 

[you will have complete freedom to decrease, increase, or even stop your contributions]

[you can sell the accumulated gold and/or liquidate your positions at any time] 

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The information contained on this website is not an invitation to invest in gold or gold contracts. Any investment decision should be made taking into account your knowledge and personal situation. Securor provides no guarantees regarding the future returns of the mentioned products. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of finance and investments, please discuss it with your financial advisor.